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Drug charges: 25 charged after 2-year drug investigation

Twenty-five people have recently been identified as being involved in one of the biggest drug rings in Montgomery County. Drug charges have been filed in connection with the biggest fentanyl trafficking organizations in Pennsylvania, according to police. Charges stem from a two-year investigation.

Five men have been identified as leading the alleged drug ring. During search warrants, police allegedly found illegal firearms as well as material to make illegal drugs. Wiretaps were used in Operation Poison Control, as it was named, to track a drug transfer as it was happening. Reportedly, the tap led police to find almost 200 grams of fentanyl in a mini van which is said to be the equivalent of nearly 6,600 street doses.

Prescription painkiller dependence can lead to criminal charges

It's a frighteningly common story. Someone gets hurt in an accident or develops a serious medical condition, like cancer. Doctors prescribe narcotic painkillers to help that person cope with the pain associated with the diagnosis. Patients taking these medications can quickly become dependent on these potent drugs. After a few weeks or months, even if the pain remains an issue, the doctor ends the prescription, leaving the patient vulnerable and desperate for relief.

Many of these individuals will turn to unscrupulous medical professionals or even street drug dealers to stave off the pain they feel and the agony of withdrawal. That can result in drug-related criminal charges that can ruin someone's future.

Off-duty Pennsylvania cop convicted of fatal DUI charges

An off-duty police officer will serve at least three years in jail for causing an accident that killed a man while she was under the influence of alcohol. The 47-year-old woman was convicted of homicide by vehicle while DUI, aggravated assault by vehicle while DUI, homicide by vehicle, involuntary manslaughter and two counts of DUI. The Pennsylvania resident didn't take a plea bargain since she believed she was not directly to blame for the crash.

The prosecuting attorney reminded the jury that the off-duty cop told jurors that the off-duty cop was driving drunk when her vehicle crossed into the oncoming lane, striking another vehicle and killing the driver. Her defense team didn't disagree, going so far as to call the accused wasted with a blood-alcohol level almost three times the legal limit of .08. But they argued that the driver of the northbound vehicle was at fault -- the vehicle driven by the man who was killed. Jurors disagreed.

Drunk driving, drugged driving trending in opposite directions

A new study indicates that drunk driving and drugged driving are headed in opposite directions. The research by the Governors Highway Safety Association indicates that more drivers were high on drugs in 2016 than were driving under the influence of alcohol.

The GHSA study says that over the past decade or so, drunk driving has been decreasing while driving under the influence of drugs (marijuana, opioids, prescription medications and other substances) has been increasing. In fact, researchers say drugged driving increased by 16 percentage points from 2006 through 2016; a period in which drunk driving saw a small decrease, dropping by 3 percentage points.

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