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Police raid culminates in drug charges against Pennsylvania man

Battling a drug charge can be very stressful and is often confusing. An experienced legal team can help to enlighten Pennsylvania residents facing drug charges as to what their rights are. A 25-year-old man is this situation at the moment after having been charged with possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance and dealing in proceeds of unlawful activities, among other charges in connection with a recent apartment raid by police.

Drug charges laid in alleged $8 million a week packing operation

An alleged $8 million-a-week drug-packaging operation has been halted by authorities. Pennsylvania police seized what they claim are large quantities of heroin and fentanyl from a Bucks County home and have arrested 11 individuals who are now facing various drug charges. These individuals will have to fight these charges aggressively with the help of experienced legal teams. Drug charge convictions carry with them potential life-changing punishments such as incarceration and hefty fines.

Trio of Pennsylvania residents facing drug charges

Two men and a woman are facing charges in connection with police seizing a number of bags of heroin recently. Police claim they found 78 bags of heroin at a residence while serving a warrant for the sale of drugs. Being convicted on drug charges can be life-altering in many ways, and these Pennsylvania residents need to fight the charges aggressively with adept legal teams. 

7 Pennsylvania residents up on various drug charges

Facing any felony charge can be scary and confusing. Drug charges are considered very serious in Pennsylvania and those facing them, such as the six men and one woman recently charged, may fare better in having an aggressive legal team to help fight the charges. They have all been charged with various drug-related charges in connection with an alleged drug operation in Reading.

Pennsylvania man facing a number of drug charges

Police recently arrested and charged a 26-year-old man in a drug-related incident. The Pennsylvania resident is facing multiple drug charges after police allegedly found seven containers of marijuana in his residence. Some of the cannabis was already packaged for sale. Cops also seized a digital scale, $699 in cash and a number of cell phones.

Drug charges: Cannabis grown on Pennsylvania game land

Police were searching for a male in connection with growing cannabis plants. But it turns out the 51-year-old suspect who would have been facing drug charges was mowed down by a bulldozer and killed. The deceased Pennsylvania resident had apparently been growing 10 marijuana plants in Berks County on state game lands.

Drug charges: 25 charged after 2-year drug investigation

Twenty-five people have recently been identified as being involved in one of the biggest drug rings in Montgomery County. Drug charges have been filed in connection with the biggest fentanyl trafficking organizations in Pennsylvania, according to police. Charges stem from a two-year investigation.

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